Faith and sustainability: how belief shapes attitudes to environmentalism

24th June 2024, 7pm BST

All faiths emphasise the guardianship humanity has over the world. Whether it is God’s creation or a greater whole to which we all belong, there is an imperative to care for the planet.

But how far does this translate into action? Do people of faith trust in God’s plan, or do they actively work to preserve the world?


Supporting the release of our latest report, ‘Stewardship: Exploring Faith and Sustainability’, the Institute for the Impact of Faith in Life brought together religious individuals involved in environmentalist causes to share their thoughts on the findings of the report and their perspectives on the relationship between faith and the environment.


The panel

Natasha Chawla


Natasha is a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford working on ontopoetics and environmental philosophy. Her research interests include Religions and the Environment; Study of Religion; Environmental Philosophy; Rabindranath Tagore; Environmental Humanities; Indian philosophy; Advaita Vedanta; Yoga; Interfaith and Peace Building.

Raaj Cochin


Raaj is a dedicated member of the Dawoodi Bohra Community in Bradford and self-employed, running a MBE store. He enjoys working in a team committed to community service, actively participating in various initiatives under the Project Rise banner. Initiatives include litter picks, river clean-ups, tree plantations, ocean clean-ups, and food bank drives, all aimed at improving the environment and supporting those in need.

In his free time, he enjoys spending quality moments with his grandson and indulging in a variety of sports, including golf, cricket, running, and badminton. He also loves exploring the scenic beauty of the Yorkshire Dales, both by driving and walking through the picturesque landscapes.