IIFL launch event - Dr. Rakib Ehsan discusses the report's findings.

Launch event

November 28, 2023

To celebrate the launch of the Institute, and the publication of ‘Making Faith Work’, our report into the relationship between faith and working life, the Institute for the Impact of Faith in Life convened a cross-faith panel with representatives from Britain’s three largest monotheistic faiths to discuss the impact of their religious beliefs on their day to day life, both at home and at work.


The evening began with Dr. Rakib Ehsan explaining the key findings of the report and their significance on public discussions on faith.

We were joined by a panel of representatives from Britain’s three largest monotheistic faiths to discuss the report, its implications and to share their perspectives on working life as a person of faith.



The panel

Khuzema Khanbhai

Dawoodi Bohra Muslim

Born and bred in Manchester, Khuzema is a businessman who runs an import-export business in household electricals; after studying for his degree, he completed an MBA at Sheffield University. He is a Dawoodi Bohra Muslim, a community known for their entrepreneurialism, who trace their heritage to the Fatimid Imams.

Dr. Solomon Osagie

Elim Pentecostal Christian

A leading lawyer and General Counsel at a UK bank, Solomon has led legal and regulatory teams for many years. He is a veteran of the Legal 100 and the FT lawyer rankings with awards and nominations for lawyer of the year. Solomon sits on a number of advisory boards including Church Army Board and the international charity Bethany Kids, and is a fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health. Solomon is a Christian from the Elim Pentecostal Church, a Christian revival movement founded in 1915 in Ireland.

Angus Taylor

Modern Orthodox Jew

Having attended a Jewish primary school, Angus attended City of London School before studying Politics at the University of Warwick and, until recently, Law at the University of Cambridge. He has since returned to Cambridge where he is currently supervising in the Law of Tort in preparation for a career as a barrister. Angus is particularly interested in employment law, especially where faith meets anti-discrimination law. Angus is a Modern Orthodox Jew, a movement characterised by living in accordance with the teachings of Judaism within the context of a secular, pluralist society.